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In the faraway kingdom of Alos there lived a tyrant king and his wife. The queen became pregnant, but the king found out that the child was not his. Caught up in a jealous rage, the King turns to the Witch. He does not know the identity of his wife's lover, so he decides to punish all his subjects. All the King's men are now impotent and all the girls, deprived of the joys of sex, depend on the Witch.

This went on for many years, until our hero is found in a haystack of an unknown village. And oh, a miracle! His boner was as hard as a rock and the Witch's curse had no effect on him!

The villagers told him the story of the Curse. In preparation for this indignity, the Witch had collected the juices ( vaginal secretions ) of six women belonging to six different elements.

This is all the hero knows as he travels through the world of Alos. He will have to learn how to break the Curse. And find out why he was spared. He will find the Queen and the Witch too. And, in the end, he will save the people of the Kingdom .

But how true is this story the authors tell us at the beginning? Is it the whole truth? We don't know, as the world of Alos is vast and the hero still has much to learn about it.

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