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Cunt Wars (+18) is a turn-based tactical role-playing game with an impressive hentai component, various graphics, as well as a very interesting gameplay and without the juicy details of battles led by players. Beauties will storm fortresses and dungeons, breed monsters and evil wizards, and also regularly pay attention to their favorite commander. He must only improve their characteristics in a timely manner, purchase armed forces, and just as closely monitor the situation in time separately. The rest can try their hand at battles against tens of thousands of real players.

The plot of the game tells about the island where Pangea is located. They are waiting for them to protect their creepy creators and have fun at the same time.

Battles take place in a turn-based format. These metrics attack and defend. In addition, each of the characters has certain skills. For example, archers should stand as far as possible, and heroes with a minimum attack radius should be in the front rows. To win the battle, you need to deal with the enemy character. Gradually you can move forward and ultimately deliver a devastating blow.

The winner receives a chest with gold and new cards. All this is needed to level up characters, open new locations and erotic scenes. In general, apart from the design, the game is no different from many representatives of the turn-based RPG genre, but this does not make it bad or boring, but, on the contrary, gives personality.

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GenreRole Playing
Tagscollectable, Erotic, Fantasy, girls, Magic, NSFW, Porn


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